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Why choose us 

- We are the only company in Canada that is familiar with all types and brands of walk in tubs so what we have done is chosen the best tub shell available ( most functional and best quality built ) and along with the greatest quality fastest fill faucets available as well as the best components in the industry by a Canadian manufacture, we were able to put together the best ensemble possible making our Transfer tubs the easiest tubs to get in and out of in the industry and offering the best warranty with bumper to bumper lifetime warranty on all parts. 

- We have invested more on displays in our showroom then anyone else in Canada as we realize the importance for folks to test different types of tubs to make sure they can get in and out of the tub easily, can use the faucets without trouble and are able to work the accessories without any issues.

- We are the only company in Canada with the newest in designs and latest technology.

-We defy anyone to show us a better product

-Best reviewed in Canada with the Better Business Bureau , click on this link to see our reviews

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