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The Molly Bather bath lift system 

 The only bath lift with a sturdy, height-adjustable padded stool, to help you in and out of your bathtub . The powerful battery gives you around 10 bath lifts between charges. Raising and lowering with your bath lift is a dream with the  unique luxury 'slip-cushion'. Get a full soak in your existing bath, with all of the width, depth and length of your tub. It is controlled by the easy to use waterproof handset - couldn't be simpler. 

  The belt unclips and rolls away in seconds for others to use the bath unaided . 

The bath lift is crafted from Satin aluminum and stainless steel, designed to last for many trouble free years


   The Molly Bather bath lift must surely be the safest and most versatile belt-type bath lift or bathing aid available. Every Molly Bather is hand-built and tested in our suppliers British workshop . Many bath lifts fail to lower or recline you fully, but the unique Molly Bather lowers you all the way to the bottom of your bath tub for a complete soak with just  the touch of a button. You are welcome to try it out in our showroom . 

The Molly Bather company chose us to distribute this product on their behalf and have been doing so across North America since  2014 and yet to have one service call .   Truly a great product .

Works well with our Laydown tub as well , what a great combo . 

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