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Canadian designed tubs equipped with Canadian components

Best display showroom ...Best bumper to bumper warranty 

Assembly in Ottawa, largest selection of accessories

Best reviewed in Canada with the BBB and on Google


Allan Wells


This review was submitted on behalf of my father Allan Wells. When deciding on a company for the purchase of a walk-In-tub my wife and I had three primary considerations: industry expertise, quality tub and features, and installation expertise. Richard met and exceeded these requirements. Richard is extremely knowledgeable about walk-in-tubs suppliers, models and features and went above and beyond to answer all of our questions in a comprehensive and timely manner. He provided excellent advice and guidance allowing us to make an informed selection on a tub with features that best suited our needs and budget. During the installation his superior work standards and attention to detail alleviated our concerns. In the bathroom where space is limited, bathroom fixtures had to be moved and custom shelving and entryway mouldings had to be removed and re-installed. Richard handled these constraints with care and attention to detail keeping us informed every step of the way. The results were seamless. We are enjoying the benefits of our new tub and would not hesitate to recommend Richard for your future walk-in-tub installation. We are thoroughly pleased!


​D. & Patrick T.


Right from our very first conversation I was impressed by Richard's knowledge and willingness to answer all our questions and relieve our concerns. We had a very old jacuzzi tub in our bathroom that needed replacing as my husband could no longer lift his legs high enough to enter it or stand for very long. We had contacted two other installers and were told, that because we live in a mobile home, our doorways were not wide enough to get a walk in tub thru. Richard, on the other hand, reassured us that he could take the framing off the entrance, cut the framing on our exterior and interior bathroom doorways to fit the tub thru, rebuild them and no one know the difference. We also needed new pot lighting and exhaust fan, which he had the electrician purchase and install while they were working on the electrical work for the tub. Richard even installed a new more accessible toilet and a grab bar to make things easier for my husband. He kept us fully informed thru the entire installations and even worked thru the entire weekend to complete the job. He is very meticulous and a perfectionist when it comes to the work he does. There was absolutely no clean up that I had to do during the installation and when the job was completed. We have a beautiful new bath area, that I totally adore. We would not hesitate to recommend Richard to everyone. Richard, thank you so very much for the amazing job you did. Bettyann



Cameron Armstrong


"Hi Rick ,Geraldine and I are doing quite well, the tub arrived at the right time as shortly there after Geraldine had a kidney infection and ended up in the Kingston Hospital for a week, her recovery has been slow but steady , and I/m sure that the worker that comes in here once a week to give her a good bath and shampoo has blessed that tub and the person who sold it to me every time she has been here. Geraldine also bathes on her own but the province provides this worker once a week and we always say that if Dalton wants to pay for it, thats what we give him taxes for. But we really are using and enjoying that tub, ( I even discovered its much easier for me to get in and out of).. and we have showed it off, and the workmanship you used to install it to one and all, and have told them of your personality an how easy you were to work with. We wish you much success in your business and will be glad to respond to any questions your customers might have."


R. Madill


"Having Diabetes I have trouble with my feet. My G.P has not been able to offer too much in the way of treatment except to offer creams to prevent infection when the skin breaks down The skin is very dry and my legs are quite large resembling telephone poles especially below the knees. The skin is what I call Elephant skin. It is very hard, lumpy and at times very itchy. I have not been able to wear socks for years now and so the skin gets very damaged especially in cold weather. I have regular treatments from a Chiropodist as a part of my treatment for Diabetes, nail trimming etc. Since having my walkin bath my legs are not as hard or itchy. My feet are in the best condition in ten years according to the Chiropodist. I use the hydro massage for a brief time each time I bathe ,and I am sure that is a contributing fact in the improvement of my skin. I continue to use body lotion and baby oil as before but the bath is certainly been an enjoyable and easy way to improve the "feeling" in my legs and feet. P.S. The radio has been a treat. I enjoy listening while in the bath. It is a great addition as I am not one who likes to spend a long time in the tub. Also, the tub drains very quickly, more so than I ever dreamed it would. Feel free to adapt this any way you want to that will help. I am certainly pleased with the tub. Merry Christmas to you. "


Matthew Huntley


We have been doing this companies plumbing for years now and it amazes me how smooth they're jobs run. They have full attention to detail and are always ready when we come to do their plumbing. We love the Ellas Bubbles brand tubs and find them far superior compared to the previous Safety bath tubs. Keep up the good work guys!!


Rose Correia


In June of 2017, Richard Mallette (owner) installed the walk in tub purchased for my mom. He was incredibly professional and accommodating to requests. My mom had just lost my dad two weeks prior and feeling so vulnerable and concerned with her self care. Having this tub allowed my mom to feel confident and secure and able to care for herself. He was gracious and kind and very tactful when speaking of her health issues and constraints. He was patient in showing her all the features and the simplicity in the use. Mom felt cared for and respected. Not only is the product amazing, not only does it give its users a sense of independence, but to have Richard treat her with such respect and dignity is worth the price and so much more. Thank you to walk in tub Ottawa for giving mom her independence and thank you to Richard for the great work from demolition to installation and all the finishings. I highly recommend these products !




Noreen Gibbs


Richard first did an excellent install of mom's walk in tub, then later was able to move it over to our house, when my mom came to live with us. His work ethic is high standard, he's punctual, always cheerful and the product is high quality and good value. Excellent work, Richard!


Marilyn Hargreaves


The decision to go with Walk in Tubs Ottawa over the other two dealers was the best decision we could have made. From choosing the tub and options, through the installation Richard was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and very professional. He installed the tile and even a niche for bath products. After a small glitch, Richard worked literally 24-7 to determine the problem and correct it. I can honestly say having a walk-in tub is like having an in home spa.


Marie Lemieux


We chose this company for the purchase and installation of my mom’s walkin tub. We could not be more happy and satisfied with this choice. We were fortunate enough to have the quite experienced and really nice owner install the tub himself. The work is of great quality, super professional, and with a lovely smile on top. I highly recommend this company. Buy with confidence!


Robert R.


I searched for a walk in tub for my wife, as she is unable to get in and out of a regular bathtub. After talking with various firms I ending up calling back the salesperson Richard from Walkin-tubs Ottawa. He was excessively helpful and personable. I installed the tub myself but had to finish the basement bathroom before completing the tub install, which spanned over 6 months. Richard was always accommodating when I emailed or called regarding issues with the installation. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a walk in tub. The unit works like a charm and my wife loves the air bubbles and water jets along with the LED light. It is very easy for her to get in and out of with the low-level door threshold.


Kate Davidson


Back in 2017, following several surgeries, I required a device to enable me to get in and out of my tub. I discovered WALK IN TUBS CANADA /Ottawa and connected with Richard Mallette who introduced me to my new Molly Bather Bath Lift. I had never seen this in operation and when I did, it soon was apparent this addition to my bath tub was the answer for a handicapped senior. I never regretted it ! It operates like a charm. I feel safe and comfortable at all times. This Molly Bather is definitely the answer for anyone with physical disabilities who wish to continue bathing in the luxury of their own home. Richard, of Walk in Tubs is and continues to be very professional, competent, and worthy of his skill. I would highly recommend Richard, and have, to the medical profession and to therapists with whom I come in contact.


Virve G.


In 2012 I hired Richard to remodel my bathroom by adding a custom made 7 foot shower to replace an old 5 foot long bath/shower. The work involved removing the existing bath tub plus expanding the space for the new shower by two feet into an adjoining bedroom. Richard was very competent, on time, efficient and always able to resolve issues and make innovative changes to the design as work progressed. He is very knowledgeable about plumbing and construction details and can recommend best construction and plumbing products for a job. He designed and built a custom concrete and tile floor for my shower that is very functional, sound, skillfully made and beautiful. He overcame unexpected challenges of the project that involved rebuilding the exterior wall entirely because of moisture damage plus eradicating its' resident colony of ants. He was personable, worked quickly and skillfully, charged reasonably, and cleaned up all mess. I would very highly recommend Richard.


Lynda S.,


I found Richard through my search for a wheelchair bathtub. I was leery at first as it was a risk having someone I didn't know do a major reno. I am very glad I took the risk as they did a great job. He did exactly as I asked and the bathtub is amazing. Being in a wheelchair it was very difficult to get into a bathtub. The wheelchair tub has given me my independence back. I love my tub!! Thanks Richard.


Sharon K,


I was more than pleased with the level of service and professionalism provided by Richard and his crew during the installation of the walk-in-tub. Not many contractors would want clients interrupting their construction area to use the washroom however they accommodated her requirements throughout the two day install. The level of detail to every element of the install to asking and confirming placement of the grab bars to the high level adjustments required to ensure a watertight fit was exceptional. I would highly recommend this company and their product line. I look forward to having further renovations to another washroom in our home completed by this firm.


Jim M.


​Five Star Business and 5 words to describe Richard of Walk-In Tubs Canada. 1) Professional, 2) Experienced, 3) Knowledgeable, 4) Honest, 5) Compassionate We were extremely fortunate to find such a competent person and business. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and it was a relief to speak to such an honest and caring person. From my first phone call with Richard I could tell that he knew his products and the business. There was never any pressure to purchase and he always replied quickly to my questions. Richard was flexible in his schedule  and when he started, it was on time and completed as promised. He made a few inexpensive suggestions for grab bars and a light above the tub which demonstrated compassion and his willingness to help. He is passionate about his business and has some great design ideas to improve the functionality of the tubs. Thank you!


Bernard T, Renovatek


As a renovation company, we have greatly appreciated the friendly and helpful service provided by Richard at Walk In Tubs Canada/Ottawa. We have found the products fairly priced and we were grateful that the merchandise was delivered on time. The walk in tub we ordered and installed has changed our  clients' lives enabling them to use a tub by themselves while staying on budget. We highly recommend this company and their products for practicability reasons; dealing with Richard was efficient and pleasurable.


John C, Hamilton


My mom said to me one day that she really misses taking a bath. I said get one of those walk in Tubs. I went online and found Richard from Walk-In Tubs Canada/Ottawa. Shortly after talking to him I felt completely comfortable in ordering and that he had pointed me to the right tub for mom. I did the entire thing over the phone and online without ever seeing the tub in person. The tub full to the top without anyone in it and it drains in 2 minutes. The heated seat and the exfoliate bubbles are a complete game changer in her life. It was a great experience from start to finish. Mom absolutely loves the Tub. Richard arranged for the install with one of his guys named Ron and was the Best and did a fantastic job. He took care of every aspect of the install. I am a bit long winded but I felt it was worth it to say how pleased mom is.


Cathy S


I simply love my walk in tub supplied by WALK IN TUBS CANADA/OTTAWA. I was very worried at first, as this industry is full of unreliable and fraudulent sales people. Our salesman, Richard was reliable, Well Informed, honest and friendly. He helped me through the entire process from choosing the right tub for my mother to delivering it directly to my door......I chose the air jets, with heated seat, fast fill, and fast drainage....what a great choice.....we completed the entire Transaction online......a seamless, pleasant experience and a quality Walk in tub........BRAVO




Eilleen  C


I called Richard to talk about ordering a walk-in tub. He was most accommodating, coming all the way from Ottawa to Montreal to meet with me and ascertain my needs. He was very knowledgeable regarding disabled accessibility and was quickly and efficiently able to recommend a bath tub to fit my needs, my small bathroom and my budget. After installation, I decided that I would like a glass partition on top, and he came back to install that as well. He was always available for any questions or concerns. I truly enjoy the accessibility, the comfort, and most importantly the safety. I would highly recommend him and this bathtub. Thank you.


Paul Hass


Richard did an amazing Job installing my tub. As a person with a C7 incomplete SCI (spinal cord injury ) it works great, since I suffer with severe leg tone and muscle spasms from my injury, it's nice to be able to take a bath and have the jets relax these muscles and control my spasms, not to mention my shoulder muscles from pushing my wheel chair all day. My only draw back was that the tubs door latch doesn't go all the way down along the side of the tub like the tubs in his showroom because it's an American Standard model  and was supplied by WSIB because it was a WSIB claim. So you have to watch out that you don't hit it by accident and open the door and let the water out onto the floor even with the lock in place. I would have preferred one out of his showroom since they are designed better but that was not the case. Thanks again !!    Paul Hass, Ottawa


A note about the above testimonial: Paul had no choice with the tub supplied by WSIB but we were the company hired to install the supplied tub.



Brent Mondoux


Walk in Tub Ottawa renovated my Mom's entire bathroom and did an incredible job with the bathtub, tub surround and everything else, including the flooring, drywall, and removal of all of the old fixtures that were concreted into the walls. Exceptional quality, amazing prices, we were lucky that they had a proper showroom where she could try different tubs. It made all the difference in the world because she is short and has a very difficult time getting in and out of the tub and having previously had cataracts it was important that I could feel comfortable knowing that she is safe.



Z. Hutchison


Z. Hutchison, my testimony ...We needed to renovate our upstairs to accommodate a wheel-chair accessible 5-piece bathroom. The first item we needed was a 4x5 ft. barrier-free acrylic shower. I searched the big building stores, plumbing stores, and the Internet, and I read many blogs and was dismayed and discouraged about finding a local source for large showers. Only in the US, and the prices were astounding. I was wary of companies that wanted so much money for so little information and with no product on display to view, to try-out, nor samples to touch. Most of our retailers wanted you to come in and speak with a designer. We are working-class pensioned seniors trying to stay in our home. All we wanted was the product and my husband would do the this point, they were not interested, no one wanted to take the time to realize the financial and mobility problems of pensioned seniors. After a week or so of researching and frustration, I was given a name (Richard) and number over the phone. I was very skeptical and apprehensive, but I called the number...Bingo! Mr. Richard (Rick) Mallette, president of Walk in Tubs Canada/Ottawa . First, he listened to me, and he sympathized with our situation. He also said there was no reason why we couldn’t get what we needed at an affordable price and that he would help, just leave it to him. Later, that same day he got back to me with a fair price. He also said he’d like to drop by and look at the site and bring some samples and talk. Oh boy, I thought...we better be careful here. What a surprise this old gal had (he’s very personable). He was prepared and patient and we were comfortable with him; as well, he knew I was skeptical, and graciously allowed me to drill him about his company, his products and prices. Mr. Mallette earned our trust...he could easily have insisted that his company do the installation. Rick helped us choose an acrylic shower-pan, and panels for the ceiling and walls. We placed our order and he discussed the method of installation with my husband and gave my him several tips and suggestions. Delivery came on the date we agreed on and Richard arrived and inspected the product. He is very good about keeping in touch to see if all is going well and if help is needed. Oh, about the shower: it is safe and beautiful, strong, roomy and luxurious, and you simply walk in and close the curtain...a real treat (our showers are taking way too long now) ahhhh I’m saying that behind a good company is a good man...guaranteed! Thank you Richard for helping and caring.



Beverley W,


I LOVE my new Deep and Wide step-in Bath! THANK YOU for your incredible service!


I thought it would be easy to find the right tub, when the decision was made to upgrade my bathroom to match my needs as a senior.


I checked out local suppliers and large corporate websites, but finding the tub that "fit" was a real struggle - lack of interest, poor service and the disappointing quality surprised me !


Discouraged with my search, late one Friday evening, I put Walk-In Tubs in CANADA/OTTAWA into Google and found YOU, Richard! I was impressed with the selection offered ! I called the toll-free number, expecting to leave a message, and was surprised when you answered, and answered all my questions so willingly. I was so impressed with your knowledge, patience and friendly, helpful approach, I felt a huge sigh of RELIEF!


Although my tub was made to order near Atlanta, Georgia, I appreciated that the price quoted included shipping to my door in BC, US Exchange, Duty and Brokerage. Having you to answer our installation questions, 3 weeks later was a bonus!


I spend from 1 to 3 hours in my new tub every day . . . such a wonderful relaxing, addition to my life! It had been years since I'd been able to use a regular tub, and was nervous using it as a shower. Having had a hip replacement a few years ago, the risk of FALLING at 77 years of age was a major fear!


THANK YOU, Richard. . . I feel very blessed to have found I highly recommend your service to anyone looking for Step-In Bathtub!




The Walk in Tub Company


We have no issue's in having Walk in Tub Ottawa install our walk in tubs in the Ottawa Valley area. He follows all procedures & his finish work is quite good. All Good.



Sarah Tomczak


I am an Occupational Therapist that was looking into some walk-in tub options for a client with mobility restrictions who often avoids going places due to accessibility issues. I was impressed with the accessible showroom and the ease at which my client could come see the tubs. She was able to try out different sizes to determine what would be most comfortable and effectively meet her needs. Richard was very helpful and provided information about the safety features and easy door latch, which would suit my client well.



P. Lefebvre,


We picked this merchant for the Tub purchase for my Mother in law. Excellent service and expertise! Delivery was within the expected timeline without any problems. It was worth the 400 km trip to go and visit the warehouse and see some examples of tubs and specifications and ask all the questions since it is a significant investment. While you could buy the tub from a BIG Box Store, the staff there cannot answer any specific questions or help you with installation details.. They are basically order taker!. Our Local Plumber was able to install it without too much problems... the only challenge remains the size of the unit you will select and how to bring it in the house and bathroom.  



Ilka Beekhuis


I HIGHLY recommend Richard from Walk in Tub Ottawa! The work he did for us is incredible! Richard completely transformed my elderly Mom's bathroom, and now it is safe and looks fantastic! My Mom is thrilled, and now I've got peace of mind that she is safe in her shower. I wish I had done this for her years ago! Richard is honest, punctual, diligent and thorough. His work is high quality, and excellent value for money. He is also friendly, personable and frankly, hilarious! My Mom and I loved having him in her home while he was renovating her shower. Thank you so much for all your work with us Richard!


, New, Ottawa



T. Parrish


When I could no longer get into or out of the bathtub I went on line to see what might be suggested as help for the evening bath I had enjoyed all my life. It took a while, but I found the Mollybather and knew I had the answer. I can stretch out fully feeling all the aches and pains slip away into the warm water and find myself refreshed and relaxed at last.


Ordering things on line, especially when one has not seen the actual item and when it was made in another country can be a worrisome thing to do. However in this case I can assure the prospective buyer that not only was every word true but Richard Mallette of Ottawa, Canada, ( spent many hours answering all my emails about the Mollybather, never making me feel that I was asking too much.


The Mollybather arrived in two weeks to my home address, postage paid from England and ready to be installed by my own handyman. In my case this was not easy, as adjustments had to be made to adapt to my old-fashioned clawfoot tub. The user guide was helpful, but when a difficulty occurred, contacting the website  ( brought me a very helpful email which solved the problem my handyman had run into.


In the end, I can honestly say that dealing with this company has been a pleasure throughout the whole process. And now I can look forward to my evening bath, the greatest pleasure of all. Thanks to all who have made it possible.


T. Parrish


Falmouth Maine






Garry Perkins


We've had our walk in tub now for 2 weeks and we had the pleasure of using it on a daily basis, both my wife and I. It is absolutely marvelous!!! Here is what we think of Ottawa walk In Tub and Richard Mallette: 1st the tub; The tub lives up to it's reputation and description of it's capabilities 100%. It sends you into a wonderful world of relaxation! The water jets really gives you a great massage to your back and feet. For me, the greatest feature I really enjoy is the foot jets massaging and reliving the tension and fatigue from your feet! You can actually feel the fatigue draining from your feet!! At least, I do! The water jets are also great as they make your full body relax and you feel as if your floating on the water! And by the way, the water and air jets can be adjusted to your liking, either strong or soft! Excellent idea! The one feature that I wasn't quite sold on it was the color lighting in the tub. But after trying it, I must admit that I found it to be so relaxing, especially with the room light off! It actually does something to your mind and body! I love it now! The only feature I'm not crazy about is the shower. Not because it's not working properly but simply because I find that there's simply not enough standing room to have a good shower. But for those who love's having a hand shower, it's ok, just get a better shower head for your liking. So the tub is turning out to be a great investment for both my wife and I. 2nd- Installation by Richard: Richard is a wonderful and easy person to deal with. His main concerns at all times seems to be very sure that the client is satisfied and pleased with everything that is taking place. Richard works very well, very clean, and guarantees his work, and throughout the whole time he's in your house, he's always making sure that your are satisfied with what's going on and if you have any concerns, he wants to know at all times! He's just a great person to have in your house to do the work needed! He also has an electrician to do what is needed in the connections of the tub, and his electrician is as pleasant and a wonderful worker, as Richard is. A really great team to have with you! Anyone thinking of buying a Walk In Tub, don't look any further.....Ottawa Walk In Tubs and Richard Mallette is what you really want and need! Richard, thanks for being such a great person, having such a great product and leaving us with the pleasure of enjoying our fabulous tub and spa!!!


......Garry Perkins


Pearl Anne McLaughlin


Richard  answered mega questions on my enquiry for a walk in tub for my new build. I chose the tub with the hydro Massage and the microbubble therapy which exfoliates your skin, heated seat, lights, pillow, shower doors and separate foot massage if you so desire. This tub is awesome, Richard is the best in his professionalism and perfection. Procedure was the following: cut out one piece tub/shower, framing, utile and the tub install without hesitation. WALK IN TUBS OTTAWA is the very best place to invest your hard earned money for no pressure sales, with an owner that is honest, great personality and an attitude to help make your life more healthy. Wish I could add a picture of the completed stunning project for viewing....Pearl Anne McLaughlin


Stuart  Lawrence


I was trying to take a soaking bath in my tub but it was too small and I was getting fearful of falling trying to maneuver my way out of it. So I started looking into the walk in tubs. I went online to see options and prices but the problem being, you don’t know what you are getting and they could not answer any questions. I saw Richard’s ad in one of the weekly advertising books and called him to see his showroom. He was excellent to deal with. There was no high pressure sales just knowledgeable information about his product and showing the differences of others. He came in to install the tub on Wednesday. When the job was finished you would never know he was there as the cleanup was spotless. I chose the unit with the door that opened out as it was easier access for me. I saw there were two buttons. One to control the jets and one for the bubblers. I asked him to install an additional button that would operate the lower section that would control the jets for the feet. That was a good idea. As the tub was filling up I was able to put the jets on to relax my feet. then when the tub filled up, I turned off the lower jets and turned on the jets for the back. Did that for a while then relaxed. Then turned on the bubblers. What a great feeling. It helped take away some aches and pains for a while. Boy are you relaxed after. I can tell you you would not be disappointed getting a walk in tub or dealing with Richard.


Bodo Schmidt


After searching on the net we decided to visit Walk in Tub Ottawa's showroom in Ottawa. He showed us a number of tubs and explained the various plusses and minuses of the tubs. We ordered a tub which was delivered in good time, even with the covid problems. The tub was installed by a local plumber with the help of Richard who pointed out a few fine points required for the proper installation. The tub works very well and does what it is supposed to do. Richard also supplied foldable doors which will close the top part of the tub and which will stop any spillages due to the air and waterjets. Overall the service, help and quality of Richard's products is exceptional and we strongly suggest you chose his company for your bathroom tub requirements. We are confident that Walk in Tub Ottawa will be there if we should encounter any problems....




Pierre et France de Gatineau


Nous ne pouvions utiliser notre bain ergonomique thérapeutique à cause de perte de flexibilité. Nous avons donc cherché de l’information au sujet des bains à porte. Puis, nous avons visité quelques salles de montre et écouté les explications des représentants. C’est à cette étape de nos recherches que nous avons rencontré M. Richard Malette de Walk In Tubs Canada.Nous avons été impressionnés par ses connaissance de son produit, sa communicationprécise et complète et don entregent. Nous avons pris quelques jours pour réfléchir et analyser l’ensemble des informations recueillies.Notre choix s’est arrêté avec M. Malette. Le contrat comprenait le retrait du bain thérapeutique, la livraison du nouveau bain, la quincaillerie, l’installation et la finition du pourtour du bain à porte. Tous les détails furent discutés et les travaux ont commencé à la date promise et ont été terminé comme entendu.Voilà deux mois que nous profitons de notre nouveau bain et nous aurions dû procéder plus tôt.La qualité des produits installés est, sans contredit, excellente comme la garantie à vie.Le mérite de notre bonheur revient en entier à M. Richard Malette et nous le remercions chaleureusement une fois de plus. 



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