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Canadian designed tubs equipped with Canadian components

Best display showroom ...Best bumper to bumper warranty 

Assembly in Ottawa, largest selection of accessories

Best reviewed in Canada with the BBB and on Google

Malrico Transfer tubs fastest drains

Fastest gravity drains in the industry ..even better then power drains...this tub was connected to a single 2 inch drain pipe and emptied the tub in 1 minute and 16 seconds seconds even though it is deeper then our competitors products ..and according  to a client, G.Perkins claims his tub empties in 62 seconds ( that's a 30 x 52 in size ) .call today 613-299-5522

Custom jetting 

Just another one of those things that set us apart from our competitors. We offer custom jetting options and sometimes can be done onsite. Some of our tubs are jetted locally ( only local company to do this ) making us the most advanced technicians in the area for our industry. We can install all jet systems, heated seats, blue tooth speakers, lights, harnesses, extra grab bars etc and offer customized options to your specifications if possible.   Call us today with your wishes. 613-299-5522

A most functional walk in tub

Undoubtedly one of the most functional walk-in tubs in the industry, boasting unrivaled quality and functionality worldwide. With a deeper design than competitors, it offers a truly immersive soaking experience. Its door latch is the easiest to use among all tubs with outswing doors, providing seamless operation and long-term durability. The low 4-inch step ensures effortless entry, while the thicker shell guarantees durability. Additionally, the more exposed seat enhances stability during transfer into the tub. Equipped with ADA-compliant brand-name faucets for the fastest fill rate, along with the fastest gravity drains and an abundance of jets for a full-body massage, our tub stands above the rest. Stop by our showroom and experience it for yourself.

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