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Portable Walk in Tubs

Yes we have portable walk in tubs, on wheels,  we are the first in Canada to proudly offer these unique and special products.


In the event of relocation, unplugging the transporting tub is a quick move since the tub unit is on wheels. With a Portable Walk-in Tub, this means absolutely no remodeling is needed no matter where you live or move to. This ease of transportation also makes the work of a caretaker, if you have one, much easier.


Fast Fill Faucet

Safety Grab Bars

Massaging Water Jets 

Low Entry Step

Quick Drain Pump

ADA Seat Height


Water Connection

A Quick Connect Box is the best way to

fill and drain a Portable Walk-In Tub.

The Quick Connect Box allows you to

adjust the temperature from the walk-in

tub’s built-in temperature dial and

eliminates having to adjust the water

temperature on a tub or sink faucet.

Portable Walk-In Tub Quick

Connect Boxes can be installed

anywhere that a plumber has

access to your homes water and

drain supply lines such as:

• Plumbing under a sink

• Inside a wall

• In a bathroom vanity

contact us for more info at 613-299-5522 or email us at

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