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several new models on display 


Our Warehouse Showroom

323 Coventry rd, Ottawa

please call for appointment 613 299 5522

your most Covid  free, safest environment as it is a private showroom

easily accessible by wheelchairs



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Welcome to our warehouse Showroom

   What Sets us Apart from other Walk-In Bathtub Companies?

   Not to “toot our own horn”, but one of the things that we’re well known for at Walk-in Tub Ottawa is our great selection of walk in tubs . In fact, our showroom has been called by some the best of its kind in the region spanning Toronto and Montreal. 

   Our showroom is actually a large space rented from Dymon Storage; conveniently located at 323 Conventry Road in Ottawa. Whether you have mobility issues or not, this is a very handy location during all seasons, but especially in the winter.  

   Having this convenient access to the showroom means that our customers do not have to face the elements – rain, snow, sleet, nor worry about slippery sidewalks or parking lots. Our customers can safely and conveniently unload their wheelchair or walkers in a dry and warm climate controlled environment, 365 days a year. This allows you to put your full focus on your purchase, and choosing the right product.

Why a Warehouse Showroom?



We decided to host our showroom in a warehouse because we felt that Ottawa was not large enough to sustain a walk-in tub store. We also believed it was important to have the space to be able to display more than just a couple of different models of walk-in tubs. These priorities led us to the decision to use a large warehouse unit to showcase our line of products, in an expansive, non-restrictive environment. Another major advantage of our showroom is that our customers can easily compare the various models of walk-in tubs that we carry beside our competitors products as well.


  An Important Investment in your Future.

Buying a Walk-in Tub is a significant investment in your safety and comfort, and trying out the various models available is critical to finding a product that best suits your needs. 


Call for appointment. 

 613 299 5522 


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Most accessible showroom in Canada

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