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Malrico Transfer tub ( exclusively ours )

serving Ottawa and Montreal area since 2010

Welcome to the most Accessible bathtub in the world

Observe how effortless it is to sit down and swing your legs into place. This is made possible by the generously exposed seat and exceptionally low threshold. This makes it the safest and most convenient walk-in tub for entering and exiting in the industry. Our door latch is the simplest to operate among tubs featuring outswing doors, ensuring ease of use and non-intrusiveness for assisted bathing. Visit our showroom and experience it firsthand.   please call ahead for a showroom visit or a no nonsense quote  613-299-5522

state-of-the-art products

tub of choice for Hopital du Suroit in Valleyfield, convent in Gatineau and Christian Horizon Group Home in Hamilton

Main Features :

Deepest tubs with water up to 16 inches above the seat a​s opposed to 13 

2 locking latch door pins that create an equal pressure door seal and 

prevents the door from warping over time

Tub door bolted through tubs shell, not just screwed on, will never come loose

Fastest gravity drains at 50 seconds in optimal conditions

Fastest fill faucets rated up to 18 gallons per minute, with shower head

Easy to use non intrusive well engineered door latch

Heavy duty metal reinforced door and hinges 

5 tub sizes to choose from 

26 x 52 x 40     30 x 52 x 40    30 x 60 x 40     32 x 52 x 40     36 x 55 x 40 

Thickest acrylic shell and sturdier support frame

More jets for a full body massage 

4 whirlpool jets just for the feet, 2 lower jets angled

for easy reach under the feet

9 jets for your back...WOW

2 jets for your calves....

Lowest entry step threshold at 4 inches

Easiest tubs to get in and of of in the industry

Also best for wheelchair transfer

Contains Canadian manufactured accessories and comes with a Canadian warranty

Options available :

NEW : Vibro sonic massage system ( offered here first in Canada ) see picture in options page

NEW : Wrap, pick your picture and we can install it on the tub or just simply pick a solid color ( offered here first in the industry )  see picture in options page

NEW ; Rainfall shower kit

NEW: Foot rest cleaning shelf ( offered here first in the entire industry )

NEW : Rear panel to cover the back of the tub for stand alone option ( offered here first in Canada ) see picture in options page

NEW : aluminum wall panels ( offered here first in the entire industry ) see pictures in options page

NEW : Any size tub can be converted into a portable walk in tub ( first to offer this in the entire industry )

Air jet system with heated blower and self purging feature

Whirlpool jets with inline heater and ozonator

Independant foot masage system

Heated seat and backrest

Chroma therapy light

Aromatherapy for scented beads or oil diffuser

Seat cushion and headrest pillow

Blue Tooth speaker system

Tub wall surround made of acrylic wall panels or wall panels

Some customization is available upon request

End panels and extension box

Harnesses for those with special needs

click on this button to view the options available 

 These models are renowned in the industry for being the most functional walk-in tubs and earning top marks from caregivers. This is thanks to their non-intrusive, easy-to-use door latch and the leading low entry step with ADA-compliant faucets. Additionally, transferring from a wheelchair into this type of tub is easier due to the more exposed seat, providing better stability when sitting down to transfer your legs. Furthermore, the threshold height is the lowest of all tubs in the industry, complemented by large outswing doors. We have yet to come across a higher quality or more functional product. However, don't just take our word for it—visit our showroom and see for yourself.

Please call ahead for a showroom visit or a no nonsense quote  613-299-5522 

Please view our gallery, click on the pictures to enlarge them

american standard walk in tubs

Observing the image on the left, it's important to recognize the presence of 2 locking latch pins, ensuring the door remains securely locked in place. This design promotes an equal pressure door seal, effectively preventing door warping over time. The door latch mechanism is meticulously engineered, incorporating gears, gear shafts, and bearings for optimal performance. With remarkably smooth movement, it's likely the easiest to operate among tubs featuring similar outswing doors. Furthermore, these mechanisms are built to withstand the test of time, designed for longevity. We challenge anyone to present a superior door system.

walk in tubs support frame

The most robust door system in the industry is showcased in the image. Take a closer look to see how the door is securely bolted through the tub's shell and a half-inch thick metal plate. In contrast, competitors' doors are simply screwed into their tubs' shells. With this design, our door will never loosen over time. Over the past decade, we've sold a dozen brands of tubs, and this door system stands out as the best we've encountered.

Additionally, the support frame is exceptionally heavy-duty. On the door side, it features a 2-inch square tubing (compared to the standard 1-inch used by most competitors), along with extra reinforcement bars. These components are securely attached to the tub's shell with fiberglass, creating a structurally sound unit.

walk in tubs faucets

2 piece faucet with shower head

We exclusively employ lever-type faucets, recognizing the challenges knobs pose for individuals with dexterity issues. Our faucets are sourced from Huntington Brass, renowned for their high quality and rated for 18 gallons per minute. The fill time is contingent upon the water pressure in your home. Additionally, rest assured with our lifetime warranty included.

Dual drain system

Introducing the fastest gravity drain system in the industry. Drain time may vary depending on the plumbing in your home, but in optimal conditions, our system can drain as quickly as 60 seconds.

walk in tubs dual drain system
walk in tubs foot cleaning shelf

Foot rest cleaning shelf

The first in the industry to offer a foot cleaning shelf. How else would you clean your feet in a walk in tub ? Also great for those that want to shave their legs. 

Rainfall shower kit

Our Rainfall shower kit is securely mounted to the wall, offering flexibility in installation. It can be placed according to your preference. Typically, we install it in the center of the tub, allowing it to swivel. This way, you can position it over the standing area of the bathtub for a standing shower experience, or swing it over the seat area as desired. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable hand-held shower head, allowing for customizable height settings.

walk in bathtubs rainfall shower kit
safety bathtub switches

Elevated push button controls

At Walk-in Tub Ottawa, we exclusively utilize elevated push button controls, recognizing that many individuals encounter difficulties with flush buttons or touch pads. Additionally, for those with severe dexterity issues, activating accessories is effortless—they can simply tap the button. Our commitment to accessibility ensures that anyone can operate these controls with ease. We've taken extra measures to ensure everything is user-friendly, establishing our tubs as the most functional in the industry.

Most exposed seat when door is open = stability, safety, peace of mind

Our seat offers the highest level of exposure when the door is opened, providing stability as you sit down and transfer your legs in and out of the tub. This is unlike having only the corner of the seat to sit on. Coupled with our ultra-low threshold, this feature makes our tub the easiest to access in the world. It's especially beneficial for individuals with walkers, as they can easily back up to the seat and sit down. Additionally, it's ideal for those needing to transfer from a wheelchair.

safe step tubs

"Experience unparalleled luxury and comfort with our walk-in bathtubs featuring a low entry doorway threshold for easy access, the deepest tub for immersive relaxation, and the most jets for invigorating hydrotherapy. Discover the perfect blend of safety, style, and indulgence – explore our selection today!". Stop by our showroom and try it out for yourself. Please call ahead for a showroom visit or a no nonsense quote   613-299-5522

Please click on the photos to enlarge them 

Please note that our jet systems and tub accessories are sourced from CG Air Systemes, a reputable Canadian manufacturer. These components are assembled locally in our shop, distinguishing us as the most experienced technicians in the area. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on offering customized options that our competitors do not provide.

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