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Enjoy our before and after photos

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For this client, we had to remove the sunken tub , reframe and close in the floor, redo the plumbing, install the walk in tub and installed the floor tiles as well. All work was performed by Richard Mallette and helper Mike Bourget. 

For this particular client she had a bought a new house which include a 1 piece bathtub/shower combo but being an elderly lady it just did not work for her. She asked if we could remove the unit, make the ceiling higher above the tub, install U Tile wall panels that she picked out along with our Transfer tub. 

In the below pictures, the client had a small shower in a  tiny bathroom that could not accommodate a walk in tub so the client asked if we could move the wall over to make a larger bathroom. After a proper inspection we confirmed that this could be done. The wall was moved over and the client fitted with the tub she wanted as well as we built a few shelves for her beside the tub and installed an acrylic tub wall surround. Note one of our competitors was in there before us and said they could not do the job. Being a general contractor in the past, it makes it easier to properly inspect and estimate the jobs. 

In the pictures below, this client just wanted an entry way into her tub so she could simply, sit down and have a shower as well and she wanted to do something with the walls. The bathtub was peeling as you can see in the first picture so we reglazed the whole tub, installed an entry way by cutting a hole in the side of the tub , covered the tub walls with acrylic panels and installed a few grab bars . 

In the pictures below, this lady had a 1 piece bathtub/shower unit but needed something more accessible that could be used for showering as well. Our Rainfall shower kits are perfect for those who want to stand up and have a proper shower. And of course we used acrylic wall panels with a tile imprint to cover the walls above the tub. Our wall panels are low maintenance and come with a lifetime warranty from our Canadian supplier.

In the pictures we see below....this was a very customized job for this client. She did not want to sit up in the tub but still wanted to lay down but she cannot get down to the floor of the tub and up by herself. The mechanical device you see with the belt is our unique belt bathtlift system. Note it works with regular bathtubs as well.   Also the client was hoping to have the jets in specific areas to help with her aches and pains. She came to the showroom and lied down in the tub and showed us where she wanted the jets installed for her feet, legs, back, shoulders and hips. This kind of customization is just another one of those things that set us apart from the competition. 

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