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Walk-in Bathtubs, a Therapeutic Bathing Experience

Whether your muscles are feeling tight and sore or you’re feeling emotionally drained, there‘s little a warm therapeutical bath can’t fix. Save yourself a trip to the spa, and get the most therapeutic bathing experience at home that will leave you feeling energetic, relaxed, and independent at the same time. The bathtubs at Walk in Tubs Ottawa offer premium models modified to meet your mobility needs, while providing you with a luxurious and therapeutic experience anytime you wish. 

Massage Features 

Here are some of the therapeutic massage features that Walk in Tubs Ottawa Walk In Bathtubs offer:

Air Massage & Hydro Massage System

Receive a therapeutic spa treatment right from your bathroom using the efficient and premium bathtub system from Walk in Tubs Ottawa. Some of the adjustable walk-in bathtubs available at Ella’s include a hydro massage system that will knead your body, hitting the target areas to provide you with ultimate comfort and peace. Our premium brand also offers an air massage system that includes a pump and a 3-speed variable push control so that you can independently regulate the water temperature per your needs. This dual therapeutic relief will maintain an air system free of any build-ups with the embedded auto-purge technology, which automatically activates shortly after completing your bath; blowing out any excess water and bacteria. The best part about the auto-purge system is that it minimizes the risk of mold or clogging in your Walk In Bathtub

Independently Operated Foot Massage System

As if a full body massage wasn’t enough, Ella’s Bubbles Walk In Bathtubs also offers an independent foot massage after filling the footwell up to the seat level. The foot massage provides the ultimate level of comfort with an in-line hydro pump water heater. We have carefully and strategically positioned our upper and lower jets to give you a bathing experience like never before. Whether you prefer a more rigorous massage to soothe the tightness in your muscles or just some gentle pressure on your body, the intensity dial air control places level of relaxation in your hands.

How A Therapeutic Bath Improves Your Health

In addition to providing a safe and comfortable bathing experience, there are numerous health benefits of buying a walk in bathtub with a therapeutic massage system.

 Here‘s how a walk-in bathtub can help on a daily basis: 

  • Increase circulation throughout the body

  • Relieve muscle pain, muscle spasms and muscle cramps

  • Reduce joint pain

  • Enhance elasticity in the connective tissue

  • Relax your body and help ease anxiety

  • Aid in comfort and independence 

  • Soothe irritated skin

  • Deeply remove toxins from the skin

  • Stimulate your immune system 

At Walk in Tubs Ottawa, we have a variety of bathtub models available for you to choose from. To make the overwhelming process of choosing the perfect walk-in tub easier, our live agents are available to help walk you through the process.  



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