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Laydown walk in tubs

    A Laydown walk in tub is like a regular bathtub but it has an entry door with a low entry step. This is for those that like to lay prone and stretch out their legs . The main feature of Ella’s Acrylic Lay Down Walk-in Bathtubs is the unique tempered glass inward swing door with a brushed finish aluminum frame. The sleek door was designed in the center of the tub, which establishes a vertical tub wall and creates a wider interior floor space opposed to that of a standard curvature wall. This, along with a low step-in threshold and textured floors, may reduce the chances of tripping and slipping when standing in, showering, and entering or exiting the tub. An optional glass shower screen is available to make your tub more shower-like. The 30” × 60” model is designed to fit into the standard 60” alcove opening, while the 32” x72” model is specifically designed for taller or larger bathers who need more room than the limited standard space in order to completely soak.

Options available

3 speed air jet system with auto purge

whirlpool jets with inline heater and ozonator

Chromatherapy light


Rainfall shower head

Blue Tooth speakers

Glass screen

Choice of 2 or 5 piece faucet set

Heated backrest

Acrylic wall panels or tiles

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